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Contract Manufacturing Services for Human Use Drugs
China Chemical & pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (CCPC) established a contract manufacturing department in 2003, providing contract manufacturing services of upgraded expertise in compliance with PIC/S GMP standards. Our contract manufacturing business has continued to grow with both domestic and international clients. We now export to Japan, and in the future, we plan to continue to expand the scope of our services into America, Europe, and beyond.
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Animal Health Products Contract Manufacturing
China Chemical & pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (CCPC) Animal Health Division ever since we began distributing animal health products back in 1973, In addition we have also reached out to pig, poultry and dairy farmers, and feed manufacturers, helped improve livestock conditions, and established correct concepts regarding animal vaccination and drug use.
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Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients Contract Manufacturing (APIs) 
Chunghwa Chemical Synthesis & Biotech Co. Ltd., (CCSB) 75% of our business from North America and Europe, CCSB has been developing and producing APIs and advanced intermediates with leading Brand and Generic drug companies for years. Founded in 1964, CCSB has commercialized several APIs of Statin, Immunosuppressant, Muscle Relaxant and ACE Inhibitor with complete DMFs. State-of-the-art resources combined with our contract manufacturing team – compliant, responsive, attentive, flexible and trustworthy - allow CCSB as a partner to offer all of its clients the highest value.
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