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Smiling oral products want to be your family's oral health specialists. Chunghwa Biomedical's oral health R&D team has developed a series of professional oral health products targeting common oral health problems to meet your oral health needs:

Reduces risk of periodontosis, prevents bleeding when brushing teeth, and relieves pain and swelling → Smiling toothpaste for periodontal care
Eases painful sensitivity of teeth to cold, heat, or impact → Smiling toothpaste for sensitive teeth (contains an enamel strengthening formulation)
Whitens teeth to give users a self-confident smile → Smiling pearl white toothpaste
Prevents cavities, giving users a refreshing sensation → Smiling fluoride anti-cavity toothpaste
Protects gums and maintains oral health, providing a thorough salt massage sensation → Smiling natural salt toothpaste
Removes plaque and prevents odor, providing an alkaline taste → Smiling alkaline toothpaste
A fluoride toothpaste suitable for children with an excellent anti-cavity effect → Smiling children's toothpaste (strawberry, green apple, peach)
Cleaning places where a toothbrush doesn't reach → Smiling mouthwash (freshens breath, sea salt inhibits germs)
For white teeth and a movie-star smile → Smiling Magic Tooth Powder
Independent suction disks, making brushing fun → Smiling Panda children's toothbrush set
Smiling  Pure Gum Care Toothpaste-Herb (95% ingredients* from naturals)
Mothwash for  Periodontal Care-GAC repair gum formula (Green Tea)
Mothwash for  Periodontal Care-GAC repair gum formula (Salt)
Mothwash for  Periodontal Care-GAC repair gum formula (Fresh)
Mouthwash for Periodontal Care-Refreshing Mint
Smiling  Pure Gum Care Toothpaste-Orange( 95% ingredients* from naturals)
Prevent Decay Kids Toothpaste – (grapes champagne)
Prevent Decay Kids Toothpaste – 10 Additions Free (ice cream)
Smiling Repair Enamel Toothpaste- Refreshing Mint
Smiling Repair Enamel Toothpaste - Herby Mint
Prevent Decay Kids' Mouthwash (Two fluoride formulations)
Smiling Salty toothpaste
Smiling Crystal Salt Toothpaste
Smiling Magic Tooth Powder
Panda Children's Toothbrush
Smiling Toothpaste for Periodontal Care
Smiling Toothpaste for Periodontal Care (whitening formulation)
Smiling kid toothapaste(apple)
Smiling kid toothapaste(strawberry)
Smiling kid toothapaste(peach)
Prevent Decay Kids' Mouthwash (Grape)